Monday, 2 September 2013

My Little Atelier: Klee's Goldfish

As you may know, we subscribe to "My Little Atelier" from Woodland Children.  For once we were too busy to dive straight in when it arrived in August, so we reluctantly put it to one side until we had time to pay it proper attention.  Well today was the happy day!

The contents included everything we needed to make a pastel resist picture in the style of Paul Klee: a tin of watercolour paints; box of oil pastels, paintbrushes and watercolour card.  I am always amazed at the value of these boxes!

First step, we looked up the picture referred to: "The Goldfish" by Paul Klee.  We talked about how we could get a similar effect by using oil pastels to fill in our design with blocks of colour and patterned lines over the background - and then using a black watercolour wash to fill the page wherever there was no oil pastel to resist the paint.

Mummy started while the boys were thinking about their designs.  Mine - as usual - was a very basic sort of copy of the original idea.

Youngest was engrossed on Reading Eggs, but came to see what his brothers were doing and quickly did his own "sea elephant" before rushing back to the computer.

Eldest decided he wanted to do a jellyfish.  He had another project that he was working on, so ran out of enthusiasm for the background patterns, but it still looks good.

Middle wanted to do a "grouper shark" (his idea of a grouper crossed with a shark), and was really pleased with the finished result.

All in all, that was a lovely box - simple concept, easy enough concept for all the boys (and Mummy) to have a go at... lovely start to the new "term"!

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