Monday, 23 September 2013

My Little Atelier: Block Printing

It being "Pyjama Monday", and therefore our favourite day to get creative, I was strangely unprepared with any arty ideas today.  It's not usually a problem - the boys often have ideas of their own - but before we even got that far the postman rang the doorbell to deliver September's edition of "My Little Atelier"... now I call that perfect timing!  It wasn't long before I had three little bodies crowding around trying to get a look at the contents.

This month the theme was Woodblock Printing, using Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" for inspiration.  Out came the box contents immediately, and I had to out the brakes on just long enough to get the kitchen table covered ready for paints.

We looked at Hokusai's work and talked about how the best designs were the simple ones.  We drew our designs onto paper first - this is Eldest's design...

Then we copied the designs onto the polystyrene tiles provided (they were A4 size, but I cut them in half to we could all have a go).  I helped Youngest and Eldest to make the lines wide enough and deep enough to hopefully show through - Middle just seemed to have the knack...

The idea was then to put paint into the paint tray, followed by the created block stamp, but sadly our paint tray had somehow broken in transit.  'Woodland Children' are sending a replacement, but still, the boys weren't bothered as they wanted to colour in their designs with multiple colours, so we painted straight onto the tiles...

Then turning the tile over we carefully pressed it down onto the blank paper and just as carefully lifted it up again.  Trying not to wiggle it wasn't easy for the younger ones, but they did just fine...

We all printed at least two copies so the boys could see the variations with each print - and then picked our favourites to show here (print tiles shown alongside the 'best' prints).  All in all, a lovely activity - another 'My Little Atelier' hit!

"North Johnson" by Youngest
(North Johnson is a character invented by Youngest and who appears in many of Youngest's stories)

"Rainbow Slug" by Middle

"Anakin's Jedi Starfighter" by Eldest

"Hedgehog" by Mummy

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