Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fossils and Flexible Planning

Well the planner seems to be working.  The boys all love adding their ideas on post-its (Youngest loves telling me what to write on his).  They have been having lots of ideas that they could do straight away (taking photos, creating & playing their own board games, dressing-up & role play), and the ones they stuck on the planner are waiting for the right time. 

This morning the boys did their maths and handwriting quite quickly, so we had enough space for me to invite them to choose one of the post-its - and we went for Youngest's "Dino Dig".  This was referring to some boxed 'excavate your own fossil type sets' that we had on standby: Dinosaur Digging KitFossil Fish, and Trilobite kits.   We had a lovely dinosaur/ archeology chat while we dug, scraped & brushed...

We were duly excited to discover the hidden treasures:



mosasaur tooth

slice of dinosaur bone

and perhaps the most thriling: fossilised dinosaur poo!

That led quite naturally to watching a DVD about the John Day Fossil Beds, which led - much less naturally, but hey, it's what they wanted - to watching "It's a Meaningful Life" (Veggie Tales DVD)... and they were off, all doing their own thing again.  It's still early days, but so far, the flexibility of our new planner is really working for al of us!


  1. Fab fossils! And congrats on a good day - we've not started yet as my eldest doesn't go back to school til tomorrow. Which means we probably won't really get started til next week! Rx

    1. Thank you :) Oooh, enjoy the rest of your holidays :) xx