Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Butterscotch Cake

We were supposed to be going out today, but Youngest is fighting off some nasty germs, so I decided to keep him indoors (taking him out in the cold just sets off more coughing).  We were obviously all disappointed, so turned to one of our favourite comfort activities... baking!  Not just any old baking either - one of our family favourites: Butterscotch cake.  I've been making this since I was a child, it's such an easy recipe.  Sadly the original recipe has been copied and recopied so many times that I have no idea where it originated - if I find out, I'll  add the accreditation here.
Meanwhile here's the recipe...

4 oz butter                                           
6 oz dark muscovado sugar                  
1 large egg                                           
8 oz plain flour                                     
1 tbsp baking powder                          
5 fl oz milk

1 oz butter
4 oz dark muscovado sugar
3 tbsp milk
pinch salt (optional)
3 oz icing sugar

1/ Heat oven to GM4/ 180C
2/ Cream butter and sugar until fluffy, then beat in egg
3/ Add flour & baking powder with milk, beating well
4/ Put mixture into tin and bake for approx 45 mins, or until knife inserted into centre comes out clean
5/  Leave to cool

For the icing...
1/ Put all ingredients except icing sugar in pan and bring to boil, stirring
2/ Boil for 5 mins on low heat without stirring, & cool to warm
3/ Gradually beat in sifted icing sugar
4/ Cover top and sides of cake with icing.

I couldn't post a recipe without a photo, but am doing so with embarrassment because I was distracted during the final stages and neglected to sift the icing sugar... rookie mistake!  It's still the most scrumptious icing I've ever tasted, but anyway here is the picture: part mouthwatering temptation (especially to those who have tasted it before); part lesson in what it looks like if you don't sift the icing sugar! *blushes*


  1. Goodness, I don't think I've ever sifted icing sugar! Still looks scrummy! Rx